How to use the Replayar app to Capture and Create Augmented Reality

How To Capture AR Memories

This video will show you how to use Replayar to freeze your memories where they happen so days, months, or even years later, you can revisit the same location and see that moment from your past overlaid on the present-day setting right where it took place. For more information, please contact us on social media or email us at [email protected].

How To Create AR Experiences

This video shows you how to instantly turn any image on your device into an augmented reality experience that you and your friends can interact with. You can even use the app to instantly create custom AR props and special effects for your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok videos! Post them to using the hashtag #Replayar for frequent chances to win cash and prizes.

Replayar in Motion Instantly Make Videos Like These Using The App

Made By Replayar: Below are examples of live video recordings made in real-time using Replayar's patented in-camera augmented reality technology. No post-production compositing or special effects outside of the app were applied.